Metal Mermaid Pendant (Heat Patina)

$ 700.00

These shimmering, shifting links make a bold statement at a benefit gala, black tie event, your rockstar friend's wedding, or just with jeans (you do you!)

A fluid, organic take on modern chainmail, this bold explosion of blues, greens, purples, and bronzes is what happened when I took my Flotsam + Jetsam collection to extremes -- and then used my Heat Patina collection's finishing process.

4 inch long bold statement pendant handcrafted from stainless steel hardware hand-linked with titanium. Colorful heat patina finish in bronze, blue, green, and purple. Handcrafted (by me!) in the USA. Comes on an 18 inch stainless steel neck wire with magnet clasp. (Yes, you can remove the pendant and put it on your own favorite chain or leather cord instead.)

Prefer a shorter or longer neck wire? Make a note in the order comments -- I have 16 inch and 20 inch lengths in stock too. (Email me at if you have more questions.)

Note: this studio art jewelry project was a labor of my love of design, pushing my creative boundaries and taking the engineering components I work with in new directions. Handcrafted art jewelry like this takes hours and hours and may never be repeated again, so if you love it, buy it.

Shown with the Metal Mermaid Earrings.

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