About Wraptillion


Kelly Jones, owner / designer / maker

Kelly Jones of Wraptillion

designer statement

Wraptillion exists at the intersection of art and engineering. It's my vision of industrial materials combined with traditional techniques, using tension to form jewelry that encourages you to see things differently.

Engineers and architects, pilots and museum board members wear Wraptillion to show the world who they really are. Wraptillion takes a classic black dress from a modern ballet to a 3D printed art exhibition, and then on to an industrial design show and scientific award presentation. It celebrates art made from everyday objects, math and physics, industrial design in wearable form.

All Wraptillion jewelry is linked together by hand by me in my studio in Shoreline, Washington (near Seattle). Each piece is made from American-manufactured stainless steel hardware that's used in car transmissions, airplane hydraulics, motorcycle hubs, etc. I link each piece together with titanium, using two pairs of pliers and traditional chainmaille techniques.

Stainless steel hardware and titanium are incredibly lightweight and never tarnish.

All Wraptillion ear wires are titanium -- a metal so hypoallergenic it's used in replacement knees and other medical implants.

~ Kelly Jones, owner / designer / maker

Questions? Contact Kelly Jones at info@wraptillion.com